Supplies that we took with us on the Camino (worked well).
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Getting to Saint Jean Pied de Port
The journey begins!!! 
Day 1 Baptism By Fire, Crossing The Pyrenees.
Day 2 White Cross, Witches' Spells And Those Who Died On The Camino.
Day 3 Can I Possibly Make The Camino?
Day 4 Where The Way Of The Wind Crosses The Way Of The Stars.
Day 5 Alice In Caminoland.
Day 6 Going Back To The Wine Fountain.
Day 7 The Song Of The Pilgrims Of The Camino
Day 8 Loosing The Sense Of Time.
Day 9 Night At Parador Hotel.
Day 10 Chant Of The Pilgrims Of The Camino.
Day 11 Pilgrim's Oasis.
Day 12 Cathedral In Burgos.
Day 13 The Way's Meeting Point
Day 14 The Sunrise.
Day 15 Entering The Meseta.
Day 16 St. Clair Monastery Pilgrim's Blessing.
Day 17  Alone In The Meseta.
Day 18 Eva Gets A Shin Splint.
Day 19 Rising Sun Looks Like Host.
Day 20 Vespers With Benedictin Nuns.
Day 21 Gaudi, Hobbit Houses.
Day 22 Freaky Statue, Danger Zone.
Day 23 All Kinds Of Things Happen On The Camino.
Day 24 Leaving The Stones We Brought.
Day 25 Templar Castle, Rainbow
Day 26 Top Of A Mountain
Day 27 Walking In A Storm
Day 28 Samos, St. Benedict
Day 29 How We Survive Makes Us Who We Are
Day 30 Getting Crowded
Day 31 We Will Not Stop
Day 32 We Are All Headed The Same Way
Day 33***SANTIAGO***
Day 36 Muxia  
The Coast Of Death
Day 34-35 Continuing
Day 37-38 ***FINISTERRE***
!!! !!! !!! THE END!!! !!! !!!